For boards wanting better.

When a board is working well, the organization is the proof – and the entire community benefits.

But too often boards aren’t working well. It shows up as frustration with your board colleagues, unproductive meetings, or a sense that you are spinning your wheels and not moving the organization forward. 

When boards look for help, resources are often piecemeal or fail to address the most fundamental attribute of all boards: boards are made up of people and human dynamics are critical to great governance.

So we developed BoardWell: an online education platform rooted in the importance of aligning team dynamics with technical governance to maximize the strategic value of a board.

Whether your board is spinning its wheels, struggling with structure or looking to surpass the status quo, BoardWell is the answer.

Boards that work together, work well.



A Start to Finish Process

Our Governance Course is the only start-to-finish product available to help your board create a customized board charter - your "rules of the road" for governing and onboarding.

Ongoing Support

Great governance is evolving and contextual. Our Community Group provides you individual access to educational resources, tangible tools, expert perspectives and a community of directors. 

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