Hello. Nice to meet you. 


This is Chantel.

Conversation starter. Concept demystifier. Lawyer in a former life.

As the founder of a governance-focused not-for-profit, Chantel understands the pressure points boards face -- especially as they transition beyond start up.

For Chantel, BoardWell is the piece of the governance puzzle that has been missing for so many - a complete, coherent governance approach inclusive of everyone.

This is Sheila.

Experienced governance and executive advisor. Passionate observer. Lifelong volunteer.

With 15+ years of experience leading governance transformation for boards of private companies, crown agencies and not-for-profits of all sizes, Sheila has lived the BoardWell method.

For Sheila, BoardWell is an opportunity to strengthen our communities, our economy and our society through better governance. 

This is Don.

The embodiment of "been there done that" on all things governance. Sought out thought leader. Proud Grandpa.

With decades of experience advising and leading boards, Don is an expert in navigating the complexities of any organization, any board and any strategy.

For Don, BoardWell is the product of 30 years of experience. He's keen to share his wisdom, perspectives and lessons from a storied career.