The Community Group. 

Calling all current and aspiring directors! The BoardWell Community Group is the place to connect with other directors and deep dive into monthly governance topics. 


What you can expect:

  • Articles and videos exploring governance themes with seasoned directors and CEO's who understand not-for-profit and start-up governance
  • Virtual Q&A sessions - your opportunity to connect with our experts and the community to address your unique governance questions
  • Downloadable tools that will help you implement great governance practices

What our Community Group members are saying.

Sarah T, Board Chair

As someone new to the Board Chair role, I was struggling to find accessible resources to learn about board responsibilities and dynamics, and how to best lead a board.

The Community Group provides the perfect blend of rich on-demand learning, engaging live discussion and a group of like minded individuals all seeking to learn and engage from the same place as me.

Elmien W, Board Chair

If you are on a board or considering joining a board, I would highly encourage you to look into BoardWell's Community Group. 

I really appreciate the open and honest conversations. Great topics and leadership by the BoardWell team. 

Ken G, Director

I was very please to see the launch of BoardWell. As one who work with and participates on various mid-size community and public boards I felt this quite timely. 

The Community Group engagement is very accessible, relevant and applicable. Honestly, the offerings through BoardWell can provide transformative and positive improvement for any organization.